12 Oct

On the following website [HERE] the author discusses the Codex Bezae and the coded parchments of Sauniere. He ultimately feels that both the Large and Small Parchment in the Rennes Affair both come from the Codex Bezae. He writes; 

"The source of the large manuscript has not yet been discovered. W. Willker is [getting ahead of himself] by asserting that the Vulgate would be one of its [origins]. If the small parchment is perhaps a fanciful creation of Philippe de Cherisey, the anomalies of the hook, the 186 and the offset letters raise many questions: when was this hook placed on page 186 of the Cambridge codex? Who did it and why? Why shift letters? These particularities highlighted in the real Codex Bezae date from at least 1891-1895 at the latest, while the offset letters are original, dating at least from the 5th or 6th century. As for who "made up" the Bezae Codes, this remains an enigma and deserves in-depth investigation. F. Vigouroux answers a few questions, but that does not solve everything". 

I am going to investigate more in to his assertions. 

But his main issue appears to be differences in marks on pages between issues of the Codex. I am not sure of this is due to poor printing or whether the 'hook' 186 [which appears in the original 5th century text but apparently, for our article author, not in the Kenyon publication - see picture below - I have illustrated the 1897 third issue of the Kenyon publication - next to the original manuscript image of the Codex Bezel from Cambridge University.]

Here you can see someone has paginated the Cambridge document with 186.  The Kenyon issue has no such 186. 

The University of Cambridge in 1787 appointed Thomas Kipling to edit a facsimile edition which appeared in two volumes in 1793. The English cleric Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivene edited the text of the codex in 1864 (rewritten text of the codex) and in 1899 (photographic facsimile).

But when did the image of the text of this Codex first become available to the public? 

I would like to draw attention to a post I made months ago where i have identified that the source of the Large Parchment is the Codex Brixianus.

I will soon do an analysis of the Parchments in light of the fabulous work of Simon Miles. 

As  we were told many years ago - the Parchments are MAPS!

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