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The year is 1917. In a small village in Southern France, an obscure priest collapses, struck by a probable heart attack at the age of 65. He is found in the tower which adorns his magnificent property, a tower he had had specially built and which he called Magdala. It is Marie Dénarnaud, his maid, who found him on that fateful day. She had him carried to his bed where he agonised for a further 5 days before dying on the 22nd January.

The priest is the famous Bérenger Saunière - his life was full of intrigue, a life, which appeared very strange to some.

After his untimely death there begins to be told among the local villagers a wonderful story about him: that he was a country priest with much energy and colourful behaviour who found a treasure which perhaps made him a rich man. With his money he built astonishing and enigmatic designs and buildings on private land [land he bought using his wealth] in the tiny hilltop village. He created this wonderful personal domain - a rich paradise of animals, exotic plants alongside high living, perched on top of this isolated high mountain with its breathtaking vistas of the local landscape.

It was the village of Rennes-le-Château.

The story continued to develop years after his death. Today the modern 'mystery' of Rennes-le-Château and Bérenger Saunière has been added to even more astonishing historical events and backdrops.

What do we do at Rhedesium?

Rhedesium is unpretentious. It does not purport to have solved anything but only reveals the work of researchers who have something interesting to say. Researchers offer their ideas and theories and this website will endeavour to respectfully present them in a way for all those who are interested in the subject to read about. This website does not champion one theory to the exclusion of all others. Contemporary texts are looked at, reproduced and at times translated. Links are provided. All manner of resources are utilised - British and French libraries, internet forums, local and contemporary archaeological societies, newspapers, blogs, discussion forums, books, articles, poems, ancient history etc.

It is imperative to keep an open mind because the information is scrambled and disparate, deliberately so. This means invariably trying to understand an incomprehensible problem with limited information. We must enter the minds of the poets who have written on this subject and see how they are trying to communicate to us [this is richly described in my article HERE].

This site has various sections - navigable along the top of the pages. The main section - ARTICLES - is sub-divided into 39 further sections and covers every conceivable angle about the Mystery of the Two Rennes. I hope you find something of interest and enjoy the site and fall in love with the mystery that is Rennes-le-Chateau!

As well as this site there is a magazine also published - which you can view HERE.
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