21 Oct


A brief recap of my theory for those new to this blog…

  • There were queens and princesses in Judea in the time of Jesus.
  • They were of the Jewish royal house, the House of the Hasmoneans, the Maccabees who had ruled since about 160’s B.C.
  • Mariamne I, the Great (Hasmonean) Queen, was married in a political alliance to Herod so the Roman-backed procurator could carry the title of King of the Jews.
  • Mariamne was a dynastic name of royal women in Judea during Jesus lifetime.
  • Herod had Mariamne I killed but built for her a grand tower on his new palace wall and called it Mariamne Tower...the word for “tower” is “magadan” or “magdal”.
  • One of the granddaughters of Mariamne I was Mariamne III…She may well have been called the Magdalene. Mariamne Magdalene meaning she was of the “tower” lineage of the Great Queen. Another meaning for “magdal” is “great.”  So…Mariamne I the “great queen” could also have been called Mariamne the Magdalene.

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