09 Sep
These historical references are very interesting ....Radio Magdala also mentions some activity of Henri Boudet: 

"This little known story is quite authentic.  The trust willingly given to Father Henri Boudet,  the priest of Rennes-les-Bains, earned him one day the visit of a notary of Toulouse. He [Boudet] was invited to choose  from among the people of his parish, three or four citizens for whom he could rely. Together they bought certain parcels of land - all were located on the territory of the municipality designated in advance.  The most amazing thing is that these areas were in scrubland or uncultivated hillsides.  Of course, the notary provided the funds for these purchases. Boudet found buyers to formalize these transactions. Obviously, the purchased land became the property of those whose names were on the  deeds. 

The matter was dropped when, barely a year later, Boudet learned of the death of the notary of Toulouse.  While walking on a  country road, he was killed by a stone that had hit him in the head. Crime or accident? The perpetrator was never identified.*  Weirder still, a check in the Cadastre  register showed that all the parcels of land in question did not belong to the buyers at the time, and in a short time, the land passed into other hands.  A folder exists on this thorny matter 
* It should probably be noted that  this matter gave rise  to a rumour that  in 1973, Maurice Guinguand, who in his book The Gold of the Templar's (Robert Laffont, ed.) says that in 1884 (sic), the Abbé Saunière, during a hunting party, pushed into the void [?] or empty hole [?]  a notary who had previously presented scrolls, about a secret hidden in the church of  Rennes-le-Château. The two men had a disagreement on sharing profits. 

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