05 Nov

In a meeting with Cherisey, Lincoln had asked him if he could see the original parchments, of which Cherisey obliged. Cherisey - after showing Lincoln the 'parchments' then told Lincoln; 

"I'm writing an explanation of the codes. I'll send you a copy. You'll be amused'. But I am never to see it [1]. Nor am I ever to get any closer to the 'parchment originals'. Sadly Philippe de Cherisey died suddenly in July 1985"

The added footnote by Lincoln in his book 'Key to the Sacred Pattern' to this quote is explained as follows: There is reason to suspect that this document may have been part of the haul of stolen Priory papers' which figured in the Chaumeil imbroglio

I don't know what suggestion Lincoln is making here? That a document of Cherisey - stolen - might have something to do with Chaumeil? The only reference i have come across to stolen files is in a purported letter typed by Cherisey himself to Plantard - saying that;

"Still no answer to my letter of the 17th January ...  Thus only one word to warn you - Gerard de Sède is in possession of the case of files of the Priory of Sion stolen from 37, rue Saint Lazare and with it's contents he is preparing a book against us. He is also in possession of the file of George Monti, as well as a photocopy of your contract with Rene Descadeillas &/or your 65% of the rights for the work: Rennes and its last Lords. Worse still, in this case [ie the stolen briefcase with documents inside] was your (original) manuscript of Circuit! What can one make of the affair? Before publication - do you want me to say CIRCUIT isn't by me? What answer do you want me to give? 

Observations to be made here are as follows: 

1] Is it possible the 'explanation of the codes' that Cherisey says he is currently writing about is the manuscript we later now know of as Stone and Paper

2] Cherisey offers no explanation of how Gerard de Sède came in contact with the stolen files from 37, Rue Saint Lazare. 

3] Was the book against them being prepared by Gerard de Sède his book called Rennes-le-Chateau: The Dossier, the Impostures, the Fantasies, the Hypothesis

4] What on earth does "as well as a photocopy of your contract with Rene Descadeillas or you 65% of the rights for the work: Rennes and its last Lords" mean and refer to

5] Is Plantard the real author behind the novel CIRCUIT, rather than Cherisey?

Just as a point of interest - the date of the letter looks to be 11th July 1985. If this is correct 6 days later Cherisey was dead.


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