30 Aug

This line allegedly comes from a 10th century document in the hands of the Maraval family - who obtained it perhaps from the Aniort/Marie de Nègre family archives.

This stone of Pontils - a menhir - is for me,  beginning to take on much more significance. 

When standing by the menhir, and depending on how you are orientated in the landscape - most people photograph the vista of these  'caves' of the King down the Bezu/Bezis valley .... this is pictured below. In this orientation you are not looking towards the famous Poussin tomb .....

However, if you re-orientate yourself towards facing the Tomb of Pontils one gets a very different view, and in my opinion, a more relevant view. This was captured in a news paper photograph many years ago by someone looking towards and in the direction of the tomb of Pontils. The image is shown below.

Does this view remind you of something? 

It should do for it is - for some - the view replicated in the famous painting by Poussin showing a tomb just like the one at Pontils!