28 Sep

I mentioned this book several weeks ago - i have read it - and it really is a fascinating read. I post below a review from the Waterstones book website - i intend to do my review soon

A review by Jacob Mortimer

“A brilliantly presented account of some astonishing discoveries”

I was intrigued but slightly sceptical when I heard about this book, and its claim to offer new and compelling solutions to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château. Having followed the topic for many years, I thought there was really nothing left to be said. Having now read it however, I have to say that the author has delivered on the promise, and then some. This is really an astonishing book that contains much more than I could have anticipated. I was gripped from the opening pages, and found myself drawn into an incredible unfolding parade of original insights and discoveries. It is a lengthy text, but the author writes with precision, clarity and a great turn-of-phrase, and it is a delight to read. It is also illustrated throughout with fascinating colour images which on their own are worth the purchase price. But it is the contents which make this book so special. To my delight, I found that it really does offer extremely convincing solutions to several longstanding unsolved puzzles, including the famous parchments. Even this is just the beginning. The author takes the reader on a journey which encompasses a very wide range of topics, from landscape conceptions of ancient Greece, to the alchemical writings of Jung, the work of an obscure 19th century French poet, the novels of Umberto Eco, hidden geometry in ancient texts and maps, and much much more. This book is a very welcome addition to my library, and I imagine I will be rereading it for many years to come. Very highly recommended.

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