04 Sep

In Pegase Number 1 [September/December 2001] Patrick Mensoir published an interesting article called 'The Manuscripts and Stained Glass Windows'. He was researching the correlation between the 'Blue Apples' phenomenon which occurs in the church at Rennes-le-Chateau every 17th January at true noon. This effect took place when the sun shines through one of the  stained-glass windows, and blue shapes, resembling apples, are projected onto the wall of the church.

In Rennes-le-Chateau literature this 'blue apples' affect is said to be related to the Large Parchment that Sauniere found in his church.

“ Cherisey, in his novel Circuit, connected this 'blue apples' event with Saint Sulpice.”

Cherisey, in his novel Circuit, connected this 'blue apples' event not with Rennes but with Saint Sulpice. Cherisey wrote: "If your figure is lit by a sun ray at midday when it passes through a blue stained glass window. Not any midday of course, but that determined by the meridian line traced in the church of Saint Sulpice and on January 17—day of celebration of Saint Antoine, astronomical midday. And not anywhere, but in the vault of the Angels, that where the demon is found and the angel is overcome by Jacob. The question is summarized with this; to which [place] fall the gift from the sun on January 17 at midday and through the blue stained glass window in this vault, where there is the true key of the treasure”.

In the Rennes-le-Chateau Guidebook it was also reported that the 'blue apples' event occurred at Saint Sulpice until 1891, when it then ceases here and reappears at Rennes-le-Chateau!

Mensoir refers to the decoding of the Large Parchment and the first available publication of the decryption which gives the cipher message 'Bergere pas de tentation'- which he cited as being published by Franck Marie in 1978, followed by Lincoln et al in 1991.

Mensoir discusses the often repeated assertion that claimed Sauniere visited Paris on the advice of his bishop, Mr Billard to entrust 'the decoding of manuscripts to some religious specialists'. This trip, according to Corbu and Captier in their book [The Heritage of Abbe Sauniere] was first mentioned as being recited on tape in 1955/56 by Noel Corbu, a tape which he played in the restaurant he ran called 'La Tour'. It told the fabulous story of Sauniere to his hotel guests as they dined.

Mensoir recounts the year mentioned by Corbu for Sauniere's trip to Paris as 1892. De Sede however fixes the trip at the beginning of 1893. Other dates put forward include 1891 and again, 1892.

All the author's, however, agree that Sauniere returned from this Paris trip having had his documents decoded by experts at Saint Sulpice.

Mensoir said the line in the dycryption 'a midi pommes bleues' concerned him. He said that the 'blue apples' phenomenon occurred on the installation of the stained glass windows in the church at Rennes-le-Chateau and Mensoir looked at the evidence for the installation of certain stained glass windows - and concluded that 'unaninmous' information showed that the orders for the stained glass windows occurred around 1887. 

Mensoir continues: "All these pieces of evidence tend to show that in 1887, Sauniere made a first payment to the stained glass artist on account for one and the same order for the whole group of stained glass windows for which he then settled in 3 instalments .....as and when he had the finances ....Now, if an order made in 1887 concerned the stained glass windows of the sanctuary, it was one of them (the raising of Lazarus) that produced the phenomenon of three blue apples. In that case, it seems doubtful that the priest would have returned from a visit to Paris in 1891, 1892 or 1893 furnished with a decryption of the manuscript noting this same light effect!'

Does this suggest that the coded manuscripts appeared before the light effect appeared 'literally' - or has the 'blue apples' phenomenon nothing to do with the stained glass window's and the 'Raising of Lazarus' ?

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