09 Dec

In the background is the church at Rennes-les-Bains, and the Fool seems to be descending some steps which hint he is descending below ground - perhaps underground of the actual church or perhaps under the church cemetery - for if you orientate yourself in relation to the church depiction on the card it suggests the Fool is in the part of the cemetery at the side of the church, perhaps by the Fleury tomb? The card also has other designs eg what is the Cross in the Circle logo sitting atop his staff? It is probably a local landmark detailed on maps from the time of Boudet etc, and what is the design on the hat he wears, and what is the meaning of the enlarge triangle depicted, virtually swallowing up the whole card surface? What is the meaning of the glyph on the shirt arm he wears?

The large triangle design reminds me of the Stenay SATOR square - and further investigation has made me decide that this is a geometric map and astronomical indicator as well as a zodiac indicator. More to follow!

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