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January 1976 No. 298, column 64-65-66:

The enigma of Dagobert II (1974 ; 1975) :

After reading in the Intermédiaire des chercheurs et curieux a note signed by Volans, Volantis, concerning the documentary made by British filmmakers in Rennes-le-Château, and where he gets on the scene. Once again and in a very ridiculous way to the priest of the place, we think it necessary to contribute some sensitive questions to clarify these somewhat confusing stories. The stories of Dagobert II were invented a little more than twenty years ago by a paranoid who anonymously sent them to the legal deposit, in the National Library. Which is seen in the obligation to take. The shipments ranged from 1964 to 1969. These genealogies factums e tutti quanti served as a serious reference to Mr. De Sède when he published his book El oro de Rennes in 1967. It is for him that the farce of Dagobert is taken up. That this king continues to fascinate some people seems as ridiculous as surprising. The issue has long been exposed in the columns of the Intermédiaire . For knowledge of Volants, volantis, let us remember the most recent answers. In one of them (1974: 1002) mr. Bestermann explains exactly what the resoluteness of a few years earlier answers, and Mr. Vallet in another (1974: 1169) gives other, very specific details about the basically commercial nature of the mystification wrought by a group of individuals, a small Group where the spokesman is exposed while others guard their meditations under a favorable shadow. Let Volans, Volantis report on these notes and you will have a pretty clear idea of what we can think about the "enigma". As for the film screened on February 12 by British television, was also filmed on the spot by Mr. Henry Lincoln. He has made three films in Rennes-le-Château, the first two for the BBC. The first date of March of 1971 is known. Exploited in a co-production with the ORTF, it came at the beginning of last year and was represented with some slight modifications in June 1974 in the program led by Mr. Sirkis, "Les dossiers secrets des trésors". The second round in October 1974 is the one that Volans, Volantis saw represented by the British radio-television last February 12: Ie cure le peintre et le diable . As for the third, which was the subject of some scenes in the second half of February 1975 has not yet been completed; Or so we believe. To be more explicit, we reproduce the interview granted by Mr. Lincoln;
"... Monday (February 17), Mr. Lincoln surrounded by several friends, was again in Rennes, with MB with whom he has an excellent relationship. It is with extreme kindness that he receives us. The purpose of his trip: Mr. Lincoln is preparing a third film about Rennes-le-Château, of a special genre. He was accompanied by Mr. Cecil Petty, producer, Cowan Pinton, writer (who has written many books on cathedral rosettes) and Shon Glower, photographer.
- Question: You have made several films about Rennes-le-Château. How and why did he leave the BBC?
- Lincoln: I made two films, the first under the title: Le trésor perdu de Jérusalem, which the French have seen slightly modified; The second: I healed him, he peintre et le diable. The latter has not yet been spent on French screens. I only tell Saunière's life. As for the BBC, it was impossible for me to continue with it because it did not allow me to express myself in greater depth; Only facts are recorded, not the details, the time of the film that could not spend 40 to 50 minutes, that is not enough.
- Question: Is your presence here today motivated by the appearance of new facts?
- Lincoln: I can not tell. Anyway, if I'm here, it's because I study the project for a third film. It is useful for taking pictures of the area, possessing more information, etc. This takes time. In my film, I want to translate my thoughts in their entirety. The revelations I am about to make will be disturbing.
- Question: How will you build your movie?
- Lincoln: My idea is to make a great documentary about Rennes-le-Chateau through historical, geographic and tourist links. This area has a great value. In it have been the Visigoths, the Templars, the Cathars, etc., to cite some examples. I will mention them in my film because everyone has links to the story of Saunière. I will comment it myself. As for the actors, I'll take the reservation. It is quite possible that I lengthen my film by adding a paragraph about the life of the priest. But we are still studying it "
If "the disturbing revelations" that Mr. Lincoln promises are of the same kind as the bullshit we see in Le cure, peintre et le diable, according to the relationship given by Volans, Volantis, there is no need to argue. It is evident that these films were made and are being carried out under the auspices of some sect. They are probably the inspirers. This destroys your interest. One can only laugh (since the locals do not deprive themselves of doing so) and leave these pamplains for some visionaries for whom the Middle Ages is not over.

L. Dufour.Borrowed from:http://www.renneslechateau.info/intermediaire-des-chercheurs-et-curieux-no298-i/

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