20 Oct

HERE   you will read about Pierre Plantard and his involvement with the Pelat Affair. It says that "The content of the article originates from a report written by an English investigator who interviewed one of the acquaintances of Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre. 14 February 2011". 

And this English investigator [Who?] [said that Plantard] "continued underground with his Priory of Sion fantasies and later revived it in a different form with a different myth and pedigree in 1989, claiming that Roger-Patrice Pelat was one of its Grand Masters during the interim period of 1984-1992"


"Plantard voluntarily came forward during the 1990s offering evidence to the enquiry, claiming that Pelat had been a "Grand Master of the Priory of Sion". The Judge ordered a search of Plantard's house which uncovered a hoard of Priory of Sion Documents, claiming Plantard to be the "true King of France" – the Judge subsequently detained Plantard for a 48 hour interview and, after asking Plantard to swear on Oath – Plantard admitted that he made everything up; whereupon Plantard was given a serious warning and advised not to "play games" with the French Judicial System.."

Contrast this with what is reported HERE for some uncomfortable truths ....

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