05 Apr

Mountains of Fire: Starmaps of the Pyrenees
There is a mystery hidden in the layout of certain Templar châteaux, churches and peaks in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the south of France. Simon Miles began an investigation into claims of alignments in the area in the late 1990s. In this talk, he presents his results, including the discovery of multiple examples of meridians marked in mountain peaks, a collection of large-scale Pythagorean triangles and an extraordinary landscape zodiac laid out around a village with a fascinating history. Taken together, these fragments are the traces of a vast astronomical instrument embedded in the landscape of the Pyrenees mountains, aligned to major compass angles, the winter solstice sunrise and major stars, in similar manner to related ancient sites all over the world.&nbsp;<br><br><em>Simon Miles is an author, researcher and speaker. He has been investigating the sacred geography of southern France for more than two decades, including five years living in the Languedoc. His first book, The Map and the Manuscript: Journeys in the Mysteries of the Two Rennes, was published by Ignotum Press in 2022. Originally from Australia, he now lives near Manchester. His website is www.simonmmiles.com

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