06 Apr

On announcing the death of his brother Alfred, Bérenger Saunière had written to approximately twenty people. These individuals included the priests of Appenai Belème [Appenai-sous-Bellême], Coulimer, and Neuvy-au-Houlme. All three priests were brothers, all three were surnamed Cholet, and all were uncles of Jacques Cholet - the very same Jacques Cholet of the 'Cholet Report' fame. As others have noted; "Jacques Cholet was deeply and openly involved in the affair of Rennes until 1959, when he dropped out of the picture until his .... Rapport of 25 April 1967 appeared". I'm not sure how this can be true as Alfred died in 1905 I believe and Jacques Cholet [1911-1985] might have been too young? Although I suppose it is possible - if one suggests that the uncles were when he was a baby/very young? Anyway, the suggestion appears to be that the Saunière brothers had some sort of link with the Cholet family in some form.

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