09 May

Before he died Louis Vazart gave me a manuscript of his book Dagobert II et le mystère de la cité royale de Stenay [originally written/published in 1983]. The afterword of this manuscript was written by Philippe, Marquis de Chérisey. I have tried to translate this myself - once again - to give a flavour of the meaning ...... [if there is a glaring error perhaps one of my French colleagues could let me know?]. It does appear that Chérisey used parts of his novella CIRCUIT for this 'afterword'. In books, the afterword, although it draws certain conclusions, can also present information that is not essential to the actual book, but which is, however, still deemed relevant. The afterword may have an opening, that is to say an expansion to new research perspectives, or new problems to deal with, or even a more general question in connection with those treated in the 'main' book.

Just before the 'Afterword' in Louis' book, there are a few pages entitled 'Circuit' also written by Marquis de Chérisey. I include this short chapter too.

[I may also add that a RLC researcher insists on saying that Vazart 'threw away [all] his Priory of Sion' material - and this researcher bases his claim on a French eBay seller. The testimony of this unknown seller 'claims' via emails [in which he cannot spell Vazart correctly, spelling it VAZARD] that '... I don't really know much more about the books he destroyed, because I've selled this book for one of my friends .... I asked my friend for more details on the Vazard's book. He told me that Vazard ... at the end of his life, had baught as many of his book he could, and destroyed them. So this book is really rare."

So, according to this ebay seller, a friend of his [who spoke to various others that he 'had met'] told him that Vazart destroyed copies of only one book, the 'Abrégé de l’histoire des Francs : Les Gouvernants et Rois de France” which is, says the seller, why that same book is rare.  

Therefore contrary to the rubbish the RLC researcher is writing [Vazart threw away [all] his Priory of Sion material] the emails of this anonymous eBayer did not claim that [but only that Vazart had baught as many of his book he could, and destroyed them]. 

I can vouch that Vazart still valued this manuscript - as i attended Cercle St Dagobert events, met Vazart personally as well as others who knew him well. We talked about many things and they did indeed support the Merovingian bloodline and other Priory 'mythology'. I prefer the 'evidence' i found rather than the words of an Ebay seller who hears his information from a friend, who heard his information from somewhere else. 

In the end the Ebayer was still a seller of a book - and the line 'it is rare' [which it is not] was just a ruse to get his book sold!

A cursory search on the internet will give you several outlets in which to buy this book!]


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