12 Sep
A five-legged calf (Philippe de Chérisey)

I received a few days ago the book A FIVE LEGGED CALLF.

The blurb for it is as follows:

¨Philippe de Chérisey and the mystery of Rennes le Chateau are absolutely inseparable. It is an accepted fact. Do we not assert that he would have - with his friend Pierre Plantard who proclaimed himself Grand Master of the Priory of Sion - created the famous parchments which are among the centerpieces of the affair? In any case, he himself tried at one time to make believe.

A facetious being certainly, all those who knew him will testify. But Philippe de Chérisey was above all an endearing, cultivated man, a passionate and fascinating researcher.

In "A FIVE-Legged Calf" - a carefully preserved manuscript - he shows us the full extent of his culture. And it was necessary to demonstrate, all in finesse and humour, this monument which is "THE TRUE CELTIC LANGUAGE AND THE CROMLEK OF RENNES LES BAINS" by Father H. Boudet.

This manuscript, through its analysis, reveals all the qualities that we admired in Philippe and also reveals to us his conclusions concerning the enigma.

A key document ..."

The manuscript of Chérisey is reproduced and it does resemble Chérisey writing, for example as compared to the Stone & Paper document.

I shall enjoy dissecting this book - it will probably take me years!!

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