Embark on a groundbreaking journey with 'The UNTOLD Story of The Birth of Christianity,' a compelling documentary that unveils the mysterious origins of one of the world's most influential religions. This film takes you back to the very roots of Christianity, revealing how early followers interwove the rich stories of Ancient Greek, Roman, and Jewish narratives to craft the foundational texts of the New Testament Gospels. Discover how these pioneering Christians, armed with only faith and determination, embarked on a monumental task of storytelling and theological construction. Their mission: to create a religious identity that would resonate through the ages and compete with the current religious & political landscape. As they reinterpreted and refashioned ancient myths and philosophies within a Hellenistic context, they not only shaped a new spiritual doctrine but also laid the groundwork for Western thought. The documentary shines a light on the enigmatic figure of Paul the Apostle, a Pharisee whose dramatic conversion and subsequent letters profoundly influenced the trajectory of Christianity, as well as the anonymous Gospel authors. Explore how their Hellenistic education and deep Jewish roots allowed them to craft messages that would speak to a diverse audience, forever altering the religious landscape. 'The UNTOLD Story of The Birth of Christianity' takes you on an intellectual adventure, piecing together the fragments of history to reveal a narrative long obscured by time and tradition. Through expert analysis, textual evidence, and a keen historical eye, this documentary uncovers the hidden forces that shaped Christianity and offers a deeper understanding of its enduring message. Prepare to be challenged and enlightened as you uncover the untold story of a faith that changed the world.