The Map and the Manuscript

Last year a fabulous new book was published in the English Language about the mysteries of the Affair of the Two Rennes. 

The book’s author is Simon Miles. 

The book is beautifully written, has astounding new insights and the conclusions, I believe, cannot be ignored.

Having said this, the book itself has been well received but, not by many Rennes researchers, who are NOT even prepared to read it. There does seem to be cliques of researchers who publish and  support each other's work and promote their works and if you dont fit in any publication not of the group will be ignored.

It may well be because the book is written in English Language. French researchers perhaps cannot access it due to language barriers. The same is true of English readers reading French research. But there are bi-lingual French researchers who could read it - but they simply aren’t interested. They have expressed exasperation for those who still think the Priory of Sion/Pierre Plantard is taken seriously by the English. And anything to do with lines on a map are anathema to them. 

In this section I will look at each chapter of the book, try and critique it and try to develop it as much as I can. And of course add my views and ideas.