1920, 18 March - (Paris) Born Pierre Athanase Marie Plantard, son of Pierre Plantard (a butler) and Amélie Marie Raulo (occasionally worked as a cook for wealthy families)

1934 (around), Pierre Plantard met Geneviève Zaepffel

1937, 27 December - Pierre Plantard founded Alpha Galates at age 17 (yet according to Richardson, AG is supposed to be “known to have been in existence as early as 1934” when Louis Le Fur was supposed to have been initiated by Georges Monti according toVaincre #4; Plantard would have been 14 at this time)

1937 - M. Plantard tried to set up an anti-Jewish and anti-Masonic political movement with the corporate object of 'the purification and renewal of France'. On that occasion he asked M. Daladier, who was then Président du Conseil, to grant permission for the publication of a journal intended for the members of this group. The journal was to be entitled 'La Rénovation Française' [French Renewal]. As this permission was refused, he then published this journal in the form of tracts until 1939. In addition he also ran the 'Groupement catholique des jeunesse' [Catholic Youth Group], an informal body that organised leisure activities for young people in various parishes of Paris. Each year this group arranged a camping holiday at Plestin-les-Grèves (Côtes-du-Nord), which in 1939 attracted some 75 young people.

1939 - met Philippe de Cherisey when he was at University

1939, 20 June - Plantard spoke at a conference for young people organised by the ‘Groupement Catholique de la jeunesse’ in the Salle Villiers.

1939, 8 September - Plantard wrote to the Prime Minister of France Edouard Daladier to implore him not to engage in ‘a war that was lost in advance’

1940 - he submitted a request to the Occupation authorities for permission to resume publication of 'La Rénovation Française'. This request was not granted.

1940, 16 December - he sent a letter to Marshal Pétain under the pretext of warning him of a Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy, but which seemed to be intended more to draw attention to himself.

1941, May - he founded an association called ‘Rénovation Nationale Française’ [French National Renewal], which did not undertake any activities, as permission for this organisation was refused by the German authorities on 3 September 1941.

1942, 1 July – since this time, he lived with his mother at 10 rue Lebouteux (17th arrondissement). Prior to that he lived at 22 place Malesherbes (same arrondissement).

1942, September - Vaincre commenced publication

1942, 24 October - Plantard formed the subject of an investigation by police department at the request of the German authorities for having submitted a request for permission (which was refused) to set up Alpha Galates.

1943, February – last issue of Vaincre.

1943, 10 July - Plantard said in 1984 that he was inducted into the Priory on this date and was recommended for initiation by Abbé Francois Ducaud-Bourget who was his mentor

1944, 19-25 August - Liberation of Paris until the surrender of the occupying German garrison, 1944, 6 September - ‘Alpha Galates’ incorporated

1944, 12 September - ‘Alpha Galates’ was notified to the Préfecture de Police in conformity with the law of 1 July 1901.

1945, 13 February - Police Report on the Statutes of the Alpha Galates

1940s - Four months in Fresnes Prison

1947, 26th August - the "Latin Academy" was formed, replacing the Alpha-Galates and its President was Plantard’s mother, Amélie-Raulo Plantard

1947, - moved to Switzerland, settling near Lake Leman,

1951, - married Anne-Léa Hisler (1930–1970). They lived in the town of Annemasse in south-east France, near the border with Switzerland, until their separation in 1956. At the same time Plantard worked as a draughtsman for the company établissements Chanovin.

1951, 8 July - he was initiated into the Grand Orient of France by the lodge "The Future of Chablais" in Ambilly

1952, Pierre Plantard illegally organised the transfer from France to Switzerland (at the Union des Banques Swisses) of gold ingots worth more than a hundred million, for which he was indicted before the Court of Summary Justice for fraud – source JLC flyer in PdC’s “L’Affaire Jean-Luc Chaumeil”

1953, 17 December - verdict was pronounced for a sentence of six months in prison for abus de confiance. - Jean-Luc Chaumeil, La Table d'Isis ou Le Secret de la Lumière, Editions Guy Trédaniel, 1994, p. 121-124.

1953, December – 1954, May - Pierre Plantard in prison for abuse of trust in relation to offences against property.

1954, 13 January - expulsion from his masonic lodge (so he would have been in jail at the time of his expulsion)

1954, 4 May – Police report mentions he has a daughter aged 3

1956, 7 May - he filed the articles for Priory of Sion in the sub-prefecture of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois.

1956 - Circuit. Bulletin d'Information et de Défense des Droits et de la Liberté des Foyers H.L.M. (editor, twelve issues). Bibliothèque nationale, 4-JO-120781956 – according to www.perillos.com/pos1_3.html this is when Plantard was released from prison. Unofficial sources testify that Pierre Plantard was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment between December 1956 and December 1957 for breaking the French  détournement de mineurs law (abuse of a minor).

1957, - “not divorced from his former wife, he had an 18 year old girlfriend (the legal age was still 21), and her parents brought an action against him” – source JLC flyer in PdC’s “L’Affaire Jean-Luc Chaumeil”

1957, 12 February - Pierre Plantard resigned from the association created by André Bonhomme - Vaincre, April 1989, p. 2

1958, - he worked together with Gaston Fould, a well-known Jewish banker, on the Manifesto for the French (Manifesto aux Francais), yet another call for “French renewal”. But later on, the same article calls him Achille Fould, and mentions others involved: Paritsch, Maurice Du Par and Dr. Paul Baron.

1958, June - the French newspaper Le Monde did indeed say that Captain Way was none other than Plantard. It added that he was an “accountant for a Paris business” – suggesting that Plantard from 1952 had indeed been and was still working in the financial sector – hence his 1953 conviction.

1959 - Circuit, Publication Périodique Culturelle de la Fédération des Forces Françaises (editor, originally nine issues). Bibliothèque nationale, 4-JO-14140 Publication : Aulnay-sous-Bois, 116, rue Pierre Jouhet

1960 - he met Gérard de Sède – source JLC flyer in PdC’s “L’Affaire Jean-Luc Chaumeil”

1961 – deposition of Gisors et son secret (Orbis) in BNF

1961– deposition of Tableaux comparatifs des charges sociales dans les pays du Marché commun [Texte imprimé]. - [Aulnay-sous-Bois,] : Édition Circuit, - In-4° oblong (21 x 27), 24 p.

1967 -L'Or de Rennes published

1972 - married Anne-Marie Cavaille who originated from Montauban, with Philippe de Chérisey acting as best man. - Pierre Jarnac, Les Archives de Rennes-le-Château, page 550 (Tome 2, Editions Bélisane: Nice, 1988).

1973, 17 August - André Bonhomme resigned the presidency of the Priory

1975 – began using name Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair

1978 – Victor Hugo deposited in BNF

1978 – preface to Boudet’s La Vraie langue celtique [Texte imprimé] et le Cromleck de Rennes-les-Bains

1979 -L'or de Rennes [Texte imprimé]: mise au point Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair.... - La Garenne-Colombes (35 bis, Bd de la République, 92250) : P. Plantard de Saint-Clair,. - [5] f.

1982 - "L'Horloge Sacrée qui permet décoder les quatrains", in Nostra, Special-Issue Number 1

1984, 10 July resigned from the Prieuré de Sion

1984, 30 September - meeting in La Tipia with Henry Lincoln

1989–1990 - Vaincre< (editor, four issues). Bibliothèque nationale, 4-JO-57134 - April 1989, June 1989, September 1989, April 1990 issues of Vaincre

1993, - Pierre Plantard questioned by the court as part of the investigation into the death of Roger-Patrice Pelat, old friend of François Mitterrand.

2000, 3 February – Died in Colombes, Hauts-de-Seine, cremated.

2000, 17 June – announcement of death