Piece it all together!

Genetikos meaning "genitive" or "generative", which in turn derives from γένεσις genesis meaning "origin".

I have decided to start this section on the Rhedesium website because I have for a long time wondered about genetics and origins in the 'mystery' of the two Rennes, as suggested by Plantard et al. 

I have wondered if the hints at origins has been mistaken for a bloodline? 

Plantard wrote;

""Mary [Virgin Mary] was heiress to her father's posessions. However, as she was underage, Joseph became her tutor and took charge of administering her inheritance, until such day when, out of interest as well as love, he married her secretly, whilst respecting her virtue. One can imagine his bitterness when he had to face the evidence regarding Mary's condition. One can also understand why Joseph, who knew the father, accepted the situation and the fury of King Herod the Great at the birth of Jesus".

Chaumeil, in his hey day had said;

"A clue to the 'Initiated', he says, can be found in their reference to the sentence used by Darwin: 'I have leaned on the shoulders of Giants'. According to Chaumeil, American writer Irwin Ginsburgh's book 'First Man, Then Adam' which quotes this sentence in the Preface - gives many answers to those interested in the Priory of Sion".

We have Gerard de Sade writing about the Merovingian race being of extra-terrestrial origin, and Paul Rouelle saying this was written as some kind of 'joke' at Plantard's expense. 

I have also been informed several times that the solution to this 'mystery' is not a material treasure, but a genetic one. That it is about human origins. 

So - this page will be dedicated to interesting research into genetics for families that may have relevance.