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Genetikos meaning "genitive" or "generative", which in turn derives from γένεσις genesis meaning "origin".

I have decided to start this section on the Rhedesium website because I have for a long time wondered about genetics and origins in the 'mystery' of the two Rennes, as suggested by Plantard et al. 

I have wondered if the hints at origins has been mistaken for a bloodline? 

Plantard wrote;

""Mary [Virgin Mary] was heiress to her father's posessions. However, as she was underage, Joseph became her tutor and took charge of administering her inheritance, until such day when, out of interest as well as love, he married her secretly, whilst respecting her virtue. One can imagine his bitterness when he had to face the evidence regarding Mary's condition. One can also understand why Joseph, who knew the father, accepted the situation and the fury of King Herod the Great at the birth of Jesus".

Chaumeil, in his hey day had written, [according to  JANIA MACGILLIVRAY] the following;

"A clue to the 'Initiated', can be found in their reference to the sentence used by Darwin: 'I have leaned on the shoulders of Giants'. According to Chaumeil, American writer Irwin Ginsburgh's book 'First Man, Then Adam' which quotes this sentence in the Preface - gives many answers to those interested in the Priory of Sion".

We have Gerard de Sede writing about the Merovingian race being of extra-terrestrial origin and Paul Rouelle saying this was written as some kind of 'joke' at Plantard's expense. 

I have also been informed several times that the solution to this 'mystery' is not a material treasure, but a genetic one. That it is about human origins. How does one work with this idea?

So - this page will be dedicated to interesting research into genetics for families that may have relevance in respect of human origins. By this I DO NOT MEAN families who think they are members of the so-called sacred bloodline of the person known to history as Jesus Christ and the even lesser known Mary Magdalene. For, if we trust what Chaumeil says [and there are a lot of people who do, although I'm not one of them] the 'leaning on the shoulders of Giants' refers to the book as cited above. If that quote is supposed to illuminate the Priory of Sion - here is some blurb from the preface of the Ginsburgh book;

"The many spaceflights, both unmanned and manned, which have occurred in the past decade, have changed the thinking of a great many scientists with respect to interplanetary and interstellar travel. In view of the reality that such flights are more than imagination, it is now possible to re-interpret some of the allegorical sections of the Bible and to place them into a credible book. In this book I have employed various facts from the fields of astronomy and archaeology to verify many of the earlier sections of the Bible (from the ‘beginning’ to Abraham). Previously it had been thought that there was far too little information to verify the earliest sections of the Book of Genesis. However, if the rest of the Bible is factual, perhaps the first part may also be equally reliable. To achieve my goal of verifying earlier parts of the Bible, I introduce the … concept of a ‘Black Hole'… I also believe it to be equivalent to ‘the deep’ which exists at the start of the Book of Genesis).

Then I explain how and why science and the Book of Genesis are both probably describing the same set of events in the evolution in the Universe and of man… I am able to equate the appearance of modern civilization with the start of the Book of Genesis. This is accomplished by means of one fundamental assumption by means of one fundamental assumption---namely, that the Garden of Eden was a spaceship which carried two ‘superior’ people, and that it crash-landed on the Earth.

From this follows plausible answers to some of the most perplexing age-old questions about the Bible… My theory shows that science’s version of Creation and the Book of Genesis version of Creation are so similar that they could both be talking about the same set of events. This means that thousands of years ago, the historical who first recorded the Creation in the Book of Genesis, knew at least as much about the details of Creation as modern science. Furthermore, that historian provided a reason for the Creations, whereas modern science does not

The first chapter also states;

"By intermeshing the very latest in scientific concepts with the related evidence found in the Bible’s first book, we will find that a remarkable fit exists. To accomplish this objective, I will make but one major assumption---one concerning the Garden of Eden. This assumption, however will be amply justified. A final result will be several very interesting and unusual answers to some of the most difficult biblical questions which have plagued mankind for thousands of years. These include: 1) Where were wives obtained for Adam’s sons? 2) Why did Adam and his early descendants live more than 900 years? 3) What happened to Enoch? 4) What is the earliest reference to the Messiah? 5) Why was circumcision included in God’s covenant with Abraham? 5) Why did the life span of Adam’s descendants fall dramatically after Noah?” (Pg. 6-7)

Ginsburgh continues;

 “The ‘Legends’ [‘Legends of the Bible’] claim that Adam either visited or passed six other worlds before he reached the Earth (see Chapter 8 of this book for more details)…” (Pg. 13)

The words used in the Book of Genesis represent the best thinking and understanding of its compilers. For instance, their explanation of a modern scientific idea would be obscure to us since they did not have our technical language upon which to draw. If twentieth century technical synonyms are substituted for some of the general words in the Book of Genesis, it becomes possible to understand sone of the obscure passages in this fundamental work in terms of modern day science.” (Pg. 22-23)

Man, the most highly developed land animal, is at least one million years old, and have been uncivilised for most of this time. Civilized man appeared suddenly about 6,000 years ago… This 6,000 year figure becomes a crucial number in tying together science and the Book of Genesis. Notice its closeness to the Hebrew calendar which presently is more than 5730 years old. 5735 in 1975 is the count of the years since the start of the Book of Genesis.” (Pg. 53)

 “Here I make the one major assumption of my concept---and that is, the Garden of Eden was a space ship that crash landed on the Earth, and that it carried two superior space people, Adam and Eve. We can find supportive evidence for it in the Legends, specifically the section on the Inhabitants of the Seven Earths. There we are told that there are six other Earths, that Adam visited the first two Earths, and that he bypassed the next four on his way to our Earth… Is it merely a coincidence that a legend thousands of years old speaks of seven Earths, and that astronomically our Earth is the seventh planet as we approach the sun? It must be remembered that the ancients who wrote the material found in the Legends did not have telescopes and could not have known about the three farthest planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. For some reason, the space ship carrying our two space people crash landed on the Earth, because Adam and Eve had to leave it and live on the Earth among the Stone Age inhabitants… Adam and Eve must have been superior space men by comparison with the uncivilized Stone Age people who inhabited the Earth at the time… But a real space man should have had some remarkable gadgets, such as the shamir, the cutting tool which reportedly could cut diamonds, and which Solomon used in building the Temple. The Legends refer to a God-made suit of clothes, worn by Noah’s grandson Nimrod, which made the wearer invincible and irresistible… Finally, the space ship itself carried a tree of knowledge and a tree of life. These are true space man devices!” (Pg. 62)

 “There are other obscure passages in the Bible where the limited understanding of the observer resulted in a distorted description that is not immediately understood by a modern sophisticated reader. Reinterpretation of other such passages may uncover more evidence of space ship activities. Now that we can see how the space ship concept serves to explain several sections of the Bible, can it be used to explain other more perplexing passages? For example, can a space ship which made a light landing with flaming, braking rockets appear as a bright star that crossed the night skies? Could this be the explanation for the Star of Bethlehem? Furthermore, the presence of a space whip could help explain many of the miracles in the New Testament, including even a Resurrection.” (Pg. 81)

I myself am not sure about this 'ancient alien' mythology and those that advocate for it. I am myself interested in human origins from an evolutionary and anthropological aspect. I am also an advocate of Professor Brian Cox, physicist - and the wonder of the Universe as an interconnected physical entity. Whether this includes 'aliens' - who knows?

My personal view about anatomically modern humans and the giants [or nephilim] mentioned in the Bible - is perhaps the folk memory of those modern humans when they were interbreeding with Neanderthals - who would have appeared gigantic to the Moderns. 

For this idea see HERE