A French researcher going by the name of Philemon recently unearthed some new information about Ernest CROS, a close friend of Sauniere - who was there at critical times in Rennes-le-Chateau during Sauniere's tenure as priest there. 

Philemon says: Imagine that I tracked down Ernest Cros, the real Ernest CROS undoubtedly & he continuesd "The CROS report is what separates the shadow of light, before and after the mystery begins.  Before the CROS report, there was Noel Corbu that makes the tape for his hotel; after the CROS report, there is Gerard de Sede who wrote a bestseller, "The Gold of Rennes"! What happened in between? In other words, Cros is an important link in to how the story of RLC became 'a story'! He was close to Sauniere, saw things on the ground as it happened and wrote his Report! He was in a great position to know answers!

I have already translated a fascinating article by Mensior - who suggested that it was Mazieres who may have written the Cros Report as we know it now. Others feel it was Yves Maraval d'Aniort. But whoever it was, did they used information from Cros? Has Philemon found something that is completely different from the real Ernest CROS we are aware of? And is it about to set alight the Rennes-le-Chateau research community????

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