Corbénic, château du Graal en Corbières audoises

After years of silence, Franck Marie is publishing a new book. Its title: Corbénic, château du Graal en Corbières audoises, ed. Ancient Truths, 136 p.

It can be obtained in particular from Tony Bontempi, who offers it on his LA ROSE ROUGE site.


The mysteries of Montségur

The Satanic Crusade - The Count of Razès in 1208 - Montségur - The angles of Montségur - Map of the triangle - The fort by the crosses - A discoidal cross - A cross in the circle - Palm leaves - The Cathars - The allies of freedom - The Durfort and the Aniort - Flight to the East - Chronology

Corbénic des Corbières

Corbénic - Dalle de Coumesourde - LIXLIXL - The "A" of Alet - The 5 sons of Carcassonne - The beams of Alet - The coat of arms of Quillan - Et in Arcadia ego - The limits of fiefs

Boudet's indices

Mont Tauch - Les Pechs de la Couronne - L’Abeillanouse - Montgaillard - L’Aguilloumet - Quintillan - La Tradition du Graal - Palairac - Convergences - Segure - Montluzis - Le message de Fosse (66) - Campoussy (66) - Hercule

The end of the story

Back to basics - Small illustrated syntheses - Passing through Périllos (66) - An underground empire - General conclusion

Appendix: one of Abbé Boudet's decoding bases