RHEDESIUM - The Rennes-le-Château Thesaurus - a treasury of knowledge and information!  Rhedesium is a magazine published for Rennes-le- Château enthusiast's the world over. Research presented here will cover disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, history, art & esoterica. The magazine aims to publish articles of a high-quality standard and provide an exchange platform for opinions and hypotheses among researchers. It aims to become the 'go-to' reference for English Language researchers

The Rhedesium Journal

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This is a magazine that enthusiasts' can get involved with and contribute to & thereby continue the search! For like Boudet we are trying to 'penetrate the secret of a local history '. It is an apolitical, non-denominational magazine and does not pursue any purpose of profit. The nominal price of the magazine covers printing and postage costs only. It will be up to our readers to reward or criticise the approach taken by the authors of articles within these pages. The articles will reflect the many differing views on the events of Saunière's life which are offered precisely to encourage debate, and contribute to a continuous progression of ideas.